Drunk snacking is a thing and it sounds like Amy Schumer definitely understands those urges… even when the food is not hers. 

While renting Jake Gyllenhaal’s house recently (because that’s not something to brag about!) a drunk Amy may have stumbled upon a cake left over in Jake’s freezer. 

She decided it would make the perfect snack… and served herself a large sized chunk to down. 

It must have been good because she went back for more… and more… until there was no more to be had. 

But what is even more interesting – and surely would make plenty of sense in a drunken Amy’s mind – was that while demolishing this cake that was not hers, she pretended to be dining with none other than Gyllenhaal himself. 

Because… when in his house, we suppose that is what you do… 

She even decided to video part of it as proof of her imaginary Gyllenhaal high tea… 


We just hope that cake hadn’t been in the freezer for too long (considering he was renting the place out…)

But she’s still alive, so we figure it must have been okay! 

Watch how it went down, as she explains the fun-filled night to The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert.

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