Zach Braff has announced that the hospital-set horror movie his character JD wrote in Scrubs is ‘in production’.

It has been over ten years since the screenplay was first mentioned in the sitcom, with JD getting getting excited about the titular characters name – created by separating out the ‘Dracula’.

It is not known whether Zach is joking or not but the photo he used for his Facebook announcement is pretty convincing.

Fans of Scrubs were quick to comment pointing out that the manuscript was ”accidentally set ablaze in a tragic magnifying glass incident”, so it never really existed.

Other fans were keen as mustard for the film with one person commenting ”Please don’t tease a horde of Scrubs fans, there will be riots if this is not true.”

The movie isn’t out of question though as Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence did meet with Netflix and Zach in 2014 to discuss ”new projects”.


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