Aldi customers are really angry and they are taking on an issue, themselves.

The supermarket giant has become the target of a social media campaign over its continued sale of caged eggs.

Customers have started to comment on unrelated posts on the supermarkets Facebook page including their post regarding the newest special buys.


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Posted by ALDI Australia on Friday, 1 April 2016

The comments on the post include buyers saying ”Love the colour but I certainly won’t be using them to cook Aldi caged eggs. keeping hens caged so cramped, it’s just cruel and should banned altogether.”

Another said ”Just saw the Animals Australia video on Aldi eggs. This cruelty is appalling. Aldi needs to lift it’s game immediately.”


When Aldi posted again the next day, the same kind of comments were left.

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Posted by ALDI Australia on Saturday, 2 April 2016

It started with ”I am boycotting Aldi altogether until they commit to the human treatment of hens and ask my friends to do the same. There are so many alternatives to shopping at Aldi.”

Animals Australia recently released a clip about Aldi’s practices which has caused not only the charity but consumers to follow Woolworths in a commitment to phasing out the sale of caged eggs altogether.

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