Ajay Rochester went under the knife and it didn’t go too well – so, naturally, she’s shared photos on Instagram.

The former Biggest Loser Australia host shared a topless shot with her 3316 followers with her hands covering her breasts and #DropThePlus written on her stomach, in a bid to get people to stop using the term “plus size” when referring to curvy models.

Rochester wrote, “I didn’t originally post a topless photo of myself because as you can see by this photo one of my boobies is warped from a breast reduction gone wrong.

“Reduction you say? Yes my boobs are that big and yes they were bigger. LOL.”

The 45-year-old had plenty to say on the term “plus size” and how damaging it is for bigger people.

“When we take healthy, fit girls and call them plus size the rest of us who are larger are made to feel even more abnormal and even less accepted,” she wrote.

“It paves the way for kids to call healthy girls fat in the playground and for anyone with an eating disorder to view their own body as not good enough… And when we make a big deal of someone bigger being used as a model or as a representation of beauty then we actually take away the impact of doing such a thing.


“It implies that this woman is an exception to the rules of beauty and therefore again alienates the rest of us.”

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