Recent Bachelor Australia runner-up, Abbie Chatfield has been snapped getting cosy with reality TV alum – Bachelorette Australia runner-up, Todd King…

New Idea has published photos of the pair canoodling and kissing in Noosa, Queensland.

However Mamamia reports that Abbie has labelled her time with Todd as “nothing serious”.

“We’re good friends and have had a weekend together but that’s it,” she said.

E! News reports that the public beach date follows Abbie’s flirty Instagram exchange with Todd last month after he commented on her post calling out slut-shaming.

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Things I got slut shamed for on #thebachelorau: this bikini, my skort at hometowns, multiple cocktail party gowns, kissing matt 'without a date' and at a cocktail party (out of sight of anyone), pashing Matt in various locations with varying degrees of intensity, honestly admitting that I wanted to have sex with a man I was dating for 10 weeks and all around just "using sexuality to manipulate Matt". This is something I did not expect in 2019. Sex is essential to a successful relationship for me, as is sexual chemistry and the ability to express that comfortably with my partner. I saw commentary around my sexuality (rightly) calling out slut shaming and double standards regarding my pash sessions with Matt, with responses of "I'm not slut shaming her she is just manipulative/dumb/aggressive/only wanting sex". To insinuate that any relationship is less valid because of a strong physical connection is counterintuitive – the defining factor between a platonic and romantic relationship is physcial expressions of affection. I saw many comments about me having "nothing between my ears" or that I was "so insecure she can't talk to him so they just kiss". The public see ten minutes of a twelve hour date, it is insulting to both myself and Matt to assume he took me right until the end purely for a snog. I'd like those who think that I was manipulative to TRULY examine why you believe that. On most occasions, it comes down to a core belief that a woman who is "seducing" a man has ulterior motives, while a man doing the same is merely being romantic. If it isn't that, it is based off the opinion voiced of other contestants on the show, not my actions. I was always honest, authentic and expressive which can sometimes rub people the wrong way. It's okay to not like me – it is not okay to assume that I am less of a person or less worthy of love because I like to have sex and can talk freely and openly about it. Also MY LOVE LANGUAGES ARE PHYSICAL TOUCH AND QUALITY TIME LEAVE ME ALONE PLS

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Todd quickly replied to Abbie’s post in the comments saying, “Absolutely living for this! I can’t stand the double standards. Well said @abbiechatfield.”

Abbie was playful and cheeky back replying, “Send me a date card already you feminist icon.”

It’s a shame we he didn’t sport his ‘knight in shining armour’ look for their beach date… maybe cosplay isn’t Abbie’s thing?

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