These pooches were found is such bad condition that experts couldn’t even tell what breed they were.

RSPCA investigators and a local dog warden took the 9 dogs into their care yesterday after they were found ditched in Winchester city.

Dave Griffiths, Senior animal welfare officer who is now caring for them said,

“In my 25 years of being in this line of work I’ve never seen anything like it. Because they are all poodles or poodle crosses and from the same litter, it is likely that they are from one owner. My guess is that the puppies were mistreated all their lives and have always been in awful conditions. I can’t understand how someone would let it get to that extent. To let a dog get to that stage is something I have never seen before.”

He said that the average poodle weight is 25 kilograms and these dogs were only 12kgs!

The dogs are now in amazing care, check out the gallery to see their progress! 

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