Remember Willy Wonka’s ‘chocolate room’ that was decked out with a chocolate river and edible flowers? Anything imaginable was created entirely out of candy. Admit it – you still salivate in pure admiration. 

Now this next piece of information requires you to grab yourself a chair. Let’s just say that you’ll need to be sitting down to hear what’s coming to Melbourne.

A fully-fledged candy museum. Legit!

Described as an interactive insta-dream, Sugar Republic isn’t your average museum. From a classic Aussie milk bar to a cookie house, liquorice playroom, and a giant grown-up ball pit with sprinkles, this is what dreams are made of. 

“It’s Australia’s ‘must see’ exhibition for anyone who ever hit a sugar high, slammed a Tim Tam or jumped for joy at the sound of a Mr. Whippy van,” their website reads. “Sugar Republic is a truly unique experience for adults and kids alike.”


Whether you want to play in a huge grown-up ball pit, try the fruity swing, jump out of a giant birthday cake, relax inside the bubble gum lounge room or indulge in the honey bear room, Sugar Republic has literally got everything you want. 

The interactive museum will take over the entire sixth floor of Myer Bourke Street from 10th February to 20th March. Tickets for the event are on sale now.