Despite being the world’s biggest flop of a festival, its legacy lives on.

From promises of the biggest entertainers to the luxury accommodation and delicious food, the festival – which was set on a ‘private’ island in the Bahamas – was simply too good to be true. It was the biggest party that never happened.

But it appears the party is going to happen… in Melbourne!

With acts like Non-Disclosure, Minor Lazer and Blink 183, Melburnians will have the chance to dance the night away while chowing down on some ‘gourmet’ cheese sandwiches and sipping on customs-approved Fyreball. 

Is your Fyre Festival heart still not fulfilled? At midnight, there will be a toast to the one and only Andy King. While he isn’t able to attend the party, there will be life-sized cut-outs of the legend around the venue. 

Hosted by the Mill House, all funds will help support the local community affected by the infamous event including Maryann Rolle who spent $50,000 of her own life savings to feed and pay the festival staff. 

So whip out your Magnises cards, load up those wristbands and prepare to celebrate life like the millionaires do at this festival-inspired, tropical blowout!


Keep hydrated with unlimited Evian water and get yourself down to The Mill on Saturday, March 2nd. 

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