Imagine getting a $180,000 new Range Rover and driving it around. It would be your pride and joy, your one true love, some would say.

There’s just one issue. 

A guy in London parked his outside the exclusive Harrods department and came to find it had been ‘decorated’ by someone.

The red faced motorist came back to find the word ”cheater” had been spray painted in large red letters, possibly by a disgruntled ex, alongside the words ‘I hope she was worth it’ scrawled across the tinted rear window and bonnet.


To finish it all off, the words ”it’s over” were written over the driver’s side front wheel.

Naturally, a lot of people were drawn to the car after the damage was done but the guy refused to talk when he got back to his car.


A local cafe owner said ”the car arrived perfectly normal, I am not sure what happened but the writing speaks for itself.”

To make matters worse, the car was parked in an illegal spot, so he recieved a $260 fine.

What a day he’s had!

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