You might remember around a year ago, 60 Minutes ran a story about Alex McKinnon, the Newcastle Knights player that was injured on the field and was left with a severe spine injury.

The thing that might overshadow your memory of the tragedy, was that a 60 Minutes special that aired afterwards focused on the fact that Melbourne Storm skipper Cameron Smith had a conversation with the referee after the tackle – and what went to air didn’t portray Smith in a very good light.

In the interview Mckinnon was led to believe Cameron has been arguing with the ref throughout the eight minutes he’d been injured on the field – however footage that has surfaced shows that Smith didn’t speak to the referee until Mckinnon had left the field following the tackle.

After the special went to air, Smith denied an offer to respond to Mckinnon’s scathing criticism of him. However it has been brought to light that a portion of the real conversation between Smith and the referee was cut out of what was shown to Mckinnon.

Allegedly, Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes edited out this quote when they showed Alex McKinnon the vision: ”It’s unfortunate and I don’t want see that happen anytime in our game.”

In the 60 Minutes special, Mckinnon told the program he was upset over the on-field comments and later revealed Smith too was upset he was not given the opportunity to respond to the initial story.

It is believed that finally tonight, Cameron Smith will break Queensland Origin camp to appear on the Channel Nine Footy Show where it is believed he will finally receive an apology.


It is believed Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin will read out the apology.

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