Anyone who relies on their iPhone like it’s a child (come on, you know who you are) will know that it’s the WORST thing in the world when your iPhone goes and dies on you.

How will you update your status? Instagram that photo of your quinoa salad? Snapchat that selfie with your new glasses?!

The answer is, you can’t – and it’s pretty much debilitating.

It’s the worst when you know you’re going to be out all day and fear that your phone just won’t keep up with your day of events.

So, here are 7 simple tricks to help your phone battery last for the WHOLE day.


#1: Close your apps

Not everyone knows this, but by simply double tapping your home screen quickly, you can actually swipe away all of your apps that are still open and using your data and battery. That’s right, simply pressing the home button doesn’t close them!

#2: Turn off your location settings

This is one that no-one thinks about, but having your location settings on means that your phone is constantly using battery to trace your location in order for apps such as Facebook and Maps to work effectively.

#3: Change your auto lock


The automatic lock function is programmed to five minutes on most phones, but changing it to one minute can greatly reduce the battery used to keep your phone active and reponsive.

#4: Turn down the brightness

The darker your screen, the less battery it uses. So keep it as dark as possible for the day – as long as you can still read it!

#5: Let it die before charging it the night before

Did you know that the more you charge your battery the less it will contain? For that reason it’s better to let your battery get to almost dead, or die before charging it.

#6: Turn off your cellular data


When you’re not using the internet, turn off your cellular data to help preserve your battery.

#7: Turn off bluetooth

Similar to your location settings, not many people tend to think about Bluetooth. Turn it off when its not needed to make your battery go the distance.

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