1. It’s easier.

Well this one is a given. If you sleep naked you don’t need to worry about splashing out on some pure silk Pj’s or some sexy lingerie from Victoria’s secret. Plus when you’ve had a long day, getting into bed as quick as possible is ideal, with sleeping naked you just strip off and jump in.

2. No shower needed.

Having a shower first thing in the morning is a pain. It means waking up earlier and taking up precious sleeping time. However, if you don’t wear pajamas, you will stay cool the whole night, meaning you won’t sweat and will stay clean. Thus, no shower required and more time laying in bed! It also means your hair will stay cleaner for longer, meaning no daily washes. 

3. You will have a flatter tummy.

Sleeping in the buff reduces the fat around your belly and can even lower your cholesterol! This is because your body cools down at night, increasing the growth of hormones while simultaneously decreasing your levels of cortisol resulting in healthy sleeping patterns. However if your sleep is interrupted (probably because of your uncomfortable pajamas) and you wake up your body with naturally produce more cortisol which is known to increase your appetite. 

4. You will feel sexier.

Sleeping naked is an empowering feeling and you are bound to feel sexier if you do so. Plus it becomes very convenient for morning sex seeing as you are ready to go. 

5. You’ll get better sleep.

According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine as you sleep your body temperature naturally declines. Wearing pajamas however disrupts this natural drop and as a result your sleep cycle is disrupted. So basically if you can’t cool down you are going to sleep horribly – so go nude. 

6. You can air your your lady parts. 

Apparently sleeping naked is healthy for your lady bits. Because your vagina have a climate similar to a rain forest, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria / yeast. By ditching pajamas and underwear it allows your vagina to stay dry and healthy.

7. You will have a better sex life.

It’s quite simple really, sleeping naked encourages sex and sexier relationships are happy relationships. If you are already naked the chances of you getting into things is way more likely. 

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