When I first read this story, I figured it must have been something from a movie – and it kind of is.

Malcolm Brenner is the star of a new documentary, which tells of how he ‘fell in love’ with Dolly the dolphin.

According to The Mirror, Dolphin Lover premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and tells of the year long ‘relationship’, which began in 1971 in a now non-existent water park in Florida.

Interestingly, Brenner believes the relationship, including the ‘relations’ were completely mutual.


“The dolphin is very aware, the dolphin is an intelligent and creative creature, and making love is a consummate act,” he previously told The Mirror.

“There’s something quite transcendental about making love with a dolphin.”

When Dolly and Brenner first met in that Florida water park, Brenner remembers Dolly approaching him.

She announced her intentions to me by positioning herself so I was rubbing against her,” he says. “At first I discouraged her; I wasn’t interested. After some time I thought, ‘If this was a woman, would I come up with these rationalizations and excuses?'”

Ugh, but it’s NOT a woman!

Reportedly, Brenner and Dolly carried on their relationship until she was moved to another water park 9 months later. She passed away in that park and Brenner revealed that he believes it was because she was away from him.


So I bet you’re wondering how Brenner ever got away with this? Beastiality as it’s known today was only fully banned in Florida in 2011.

And there you have it!

Video via Coffee & Celluloid YouTube

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