If you’ve just started a serious relationship or are getting itchy feet in a long-term one, you may want to know what you can and can’t get away with.

Obviously you don’t want to hurt your partner but as human beings we have a desire to obtain a kind of freedom that doesn’t always feel available to us.

Here are a few things no-one can ever make you feel bad about doing…

#1: Having friends who are the opposite sex. Just because your partner comes along, doesn’t mean that you immediately cut off any ties with the opposite sex. Some people just get on with the other sex better, or have significant friends. It’s up to you to make your partner feel secure and ensure that those relationships stay platonic.

#2: Making new opposite sex friends. If you start a new job say, and you find that you’re getting on famously with members of the opposite sex, THIS IS A GOOD THING. Don’t feel guilty or like your partner won’t like it. It’s normal.


#3: Getting drunk without your partner present. If you know that you’re responsible and can handle your alcohol, of course.

#4: Playing with yourself. Masturbating is perfectly normal. We get curious, sometimes we’re along and just feel like it and the great thing is, it can help us to understand more about what we like in the bedroom, too.

#5: Watching porn. Even saying it makes you feel guilty and a little bit dirty. Just like masturbating, watching porn is totally normal and can help to get you and your partner in the mood if you watch it together. It’s OKAY to have fantasties!

#6: Hugs! Just make sure you’re fully clothed and don’t stay in there for too long…

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