They say that life begins at 40, but according to a network poll, we believe that the biggest life changes happen just before you turn 30. (Someone tell Keira Knightely, as she turns 30 in March this year!)

At 30, you become a mature, professional version of your younger self, it’s the time in your life when the ‘Big Changes’ like getting married and having a baby are likely to happen.

So if you’re between 25 and 30, you’ll definitely resonate with a few of the items on the list below…

1. ALL your friends have or are starting to have babies

2. Everyone seems to be engaged or already married and you’re spending hundreds of dollars on wedding gifts.

3. The silly friends you grew up with are gone, and suddenly they’re all adults with investments and a mortgage.

4. All parties that you go to require babysitting or are organised around a baby.


5. Adult health problems such as heartburn start to become something you have to deal with.

6. You think that everyone younger than you is a baby.

7. You never really feel like going out on the town.

8. Unlike when you were young, when you used to stress about having nothing to do on the weekend, a free weekend is a godsend!

9. The best night out is a night in.

10. You look at high heels and shudder and much prefer to wear flats when possible.


11. The odd grey hair or 10 have shimmered back at you in the mirror.

12. You start to have to Google acronyms like ‘lol’ because you don’t know what they mean straight away.

13. Loose clothes are your best friend and you’d never wear the figure-hugging tops and dresses you used to rock.

14. Your pyjamas are on at 6pm – or as soon as you get home.

15. You start looking more at Country Road and Seed as opposed to Supre and Dotti for new clothes.

16. You start to consider when to start more aggressive anti-ageing treatments like microdermabrasion and botox.


17. You start to worry about deep-set wrinkles and skin issues like pigmentation.

18. You look at your mother’s shape more closely to see how your body might end up.

19. The thought of a night out on the booze is something you have to work yourself up to.

20. Secretly, you think getting home at 1am is a big night out.

21. Your bras go from sweet and lacy to satin and structured.

22. Foods become ‘too sweet’ and you see yourself swapping caramel lattes for espressos.


23. Cheese becomes your preferred dessert, over ice-cream or cake.

24. Your hangovers last way longer.

25. Your career begins to settle and you know what you want and are on the road to achieving it.

26. You’ve worked out what you want in a partner and can eliminate wrong partners more effectively.

27.You start dressing for your body shape, instead of the latest trends.

28. You have more expensive taste in everything; clothes, food, cars etc.


29. You much prefer a dinner party to going out to a club.

30. Travelling becomes less spontaneous and more meticulously planned, with every element booked long in advance.

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