What has always set Apple apart from their competitors is the superior user experience.

It’s faster and easier to do things, and it’s more fun to do them.

With the latest iOS 8 update of your iPhone software,  there’s a whole new list of things that are now more fun to do.

Here’s 13 of the best new features:

1. Text Shortcuts

You can be in two apps at one time, and you don’t have to leave one app to send a message. Multitask ahoy!

2. Fast Track to Contacts


When you double click the Home button, there’s a new row above “recent windows/apps” that will now display your contacts.

3. Send Photos/Videos Instantly

Press and hold camera and you’ll see a radial wheel. You can now instantly choose a photo or take one. There’s no way back with this button though, so make sure your selfie skills are solid.

4. Review Sent Photos/Videos in One Place

You know how when you used to send photos to people, you have to scroll back through the whole message thread to find the images or videos? Now all attachments are viewable in one place – the “attachments” section.

5. Send Your Location From Messages


It is available under Details > Send My Current Location and means you don’t need to load Maps to send anything.

6. Do Not Disturb

You can now decide whose messages you are notified by. Want to get your boss’ calls and no longer be on that group message for the party you don’t want to go to? Select “Do Not Disturb” in Options.

7. Faster Email

You can now “swipe to delete” your email drafts, making emailing significantly faster.

8. Share with Your Family


Now, when you buy an app, the whole family can use it. Go to Settings > iCloud > Set Up Family Sharing and you can share with six family members. You do need to share credit card details with your app-sharing family.

9. All-New Photo Editing Options

You can now adjust Exposure, Brightness, Contrast and Composition in your phone’s photo editor.

10. Save Your Battery

With every new update of the iPhone, battery drain has been a real issue. Settings > General > Usage will give you some guidelines for why your phone is being drained.

11. Search Better


Search your phone (or the web) with the updated Spotlight function (similar to the Spotlight that you can search your laptop with).

12. More Weather

Know more about tomorrow’s outlook with a more detailed forecast within the in-built weather app.

13. A Learner’s Guide to Emojis

To those unfamiliar with the language of tiny cute sticker-like photos, prepare to speak it fluently. Emojis are available from your keyboard via your new Smile key.

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