Here is our survival guide to help you get through the painful weeks that are yet to come post break up with The Bachelor Season. 

1. Organise with your girlfriends to surprise one another on the odd occasion with a rose mid conversation. 

2. Follow all the bachelorettes on social media so that you can continue to bitch about their every movement.

3. Spend your newfound free time on a Wednesday and Thursday night to put together an audition tape for next years season. 

4. Youtube aerial shots of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney homes to remember what once was the opening of an eventful episode. 

5. Go to restaurants and watch couples on dates and wonder if the guy really planned it on his own… 

6. If you have a boyfriend, buy him shirts that are too small so you can be reminded of how Blake’s muscular arms used to look in tight shirts. 


7. Convince your bestie that you should both date the same guy and catch up after each date to compare notes. Agree that, even though you ultimately want to be dating him exclusively, this will have no impact on you being BFFs. 

8. Go to the park and find couples on a nice picnic. The heckle at them ‘that’s exactly what he said to the other girls’, just like how you used to at the TV. 

9. On the odd occasion put thick layers of makeup on, including too much fake tan and seriously teased hair to remember the beloved bachelorettes. 

10. No matter how empty you feel inside always remember that it will be back next year, with even crazier girls and an even hotter guy. 


Images from The Bachelor
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