1. He’s an angel. 

He buys you unexpected flowers, checks in on you more often and brings you cups of tea in the morning. It’s because he had sex last night and it wasn’t with you so he feels guilty. 

2. Less Sex 

Because he can’t do it with her and you. There is such a thing as too much sex. 

3.Works Weekends

For some reason he has a work conference on the night of February 14th… Not suss as all.

4. He takes his phone to the toilet.

So that he can delete his texts, change his pin and make some special dinner plans, that don’t involve you. 

5. He’s absent minded 

Whenever you try to catch up and chat to him he stares off aimlessly into the distance, his eyes are basically glazed over. It’s because he’s most likely thinking about her and what they did last night rather than paying you any attention. 

6. He’s harder to get a hold of than Barack obama 

If a man has time to pee then he has time to text. If he keeps saying “oh sorry I’m busy at work”, it’s bullshit. Keep fooling yourself girl or get the hell out! 

7. He wants to get drunk

Once he starts cheating it will ignite the devil inside of him. He will be on a cheating high and will want to be out in the party scene looking at all the other possible people he could be with. Right now he hasn’t been caught and cheating seems like the best thing in the world.  

8. He starts waxing his balls 

This will be accompanied with new clothes, wearing aftershave and clean underwear every day. Basically he will start to be concerned with his appearance. 

9. He suddenly knows weird crap 

He’ll say something random – some bizarre knowledge that you can’t figure out where he might have picked it up. From her, that’s where. 

10. There’s a naked woman

In your bed, with your man, yep that’s a pretty clear sign that he’s cheating. Time to go, goodbye. 

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