Are you and your bae ticking these boxes? May be time to reassess if not! 

1. Phones don’t come out when they are together 

When successful couples hang out, they focus solely on each other and devote 100 percent of their attention to what matters. Plus it’s healthy to have a break from screens!! 

2. They don’t always stick to routine 

They change things up to keep it fresh! Their couple lives are unpredictable and they embrace spontaneity with fun new activities together. 

3. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company 

The best kind of couple want to tell each other everything. When having a bad day, the other person makes everything better just by being themselves. 


4. They go to bed at the same time

When going to sleep at the same time, this promotes healthy relationship patterns. Happy couples enjoy cuddle time and being in the same routine. 

5. They have common interests 

While happy couples don’t necessarily have to love everything the same, they do thrive on their common interests. They have heaps of activities they like to consistently do together. 

6. They touch 

While they don’t go overboard with PDA, they do hold hands and keep close as much as they can. This subconsciously reminds them that they care about one another. 


7. They don’t pointlessly nag 

Happy couples highlight the good and don’t drag on with the bad. They have real conversations about things that annoy them. 

8. They embrace affection 

Happy couples continue to kiss each other hello and say I love you. Kissing on the lips is a gentle reminder that they love one another as well as sharing something they don’t do with anyone else! 

9. They maintain intimacy 

Happy couples work to keep intimacy and romance alive in the relationship. 


10. They go out together 

Happy couples LOCK in a weekly date night. They take turns planning and booking the night. It encourages both individuals to keep the spark alive and dressing up to look good keeps things exciting. 

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