Australia’s Easiest Quiz

Everyday at 5pm
We give you the chance to win $500 cash by answering the easiest possible trivia questions! With 30 seconds on the clock, all you have to do is answer 10 correct questions to win. It’s that easy! Sign up below:

Small Talk

Every Monday
Are you Australia’s best small talker? The boys are looking for the best chats in town, but you better be quick because the boys will hang up if it’s too boring!
Each Monday the best small talker receives a mystery prize, something we’ve stolen of Bec Judd’s desk

Wrong Word Wrong Place

Every Wednesday
We’ve all done it, sometimes you accidentally put the wrong word in the wrong place. Each week we laugh ourselves silly as Aussies call up with their examples. Take Paul, who called his bosses kids “little rug munchers” instead of little “rug rats”, or Amy who said her Grandma has to get her “clitoris” fixed, instead of her “cataracts”. It never fails!
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