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Twitter Is Trashing Kelly Rowland & Sam's Logies Performance

He may have absolutely smashed the controversial comments about his spot on singing show The Voice after taking out the winning title, but now looper Sam Perry is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The performer and his winning coach from the show Kelly Rowland were asked to perform together at the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards on July 1st and many fans were incredibly excited about the performance that they assumed would be nothing short of amazing.

But sadly, people were left completely disappointed by the act and it quickly became a major talking point on Twitter, with many describing the duet as an absolute train wreck.

The pair performed a rendition of Destiny’s Child’s hit song Survivor mixed with Kelly’s solo song When Love Takes Over, but according to fan reviews the pair barely made it through the mashup and it was certainly a bumpy road from start to finished.

In the video from the performance that was broadcast live on Sunday night, Kelly can be seen relying quite heavily on backing vocals while also passing the mic to the audience for them to sing along, appearing almost short of breath throughout the three-minute-long song.

People on social media also questioned the strange noises that Sam was making in the background, with one Twitter user calling them “pig squeals”. And all of the other comments on the social media platform followed this similarly critical stance of the entire performance.

What did you think about the performance?

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