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The Block's Hayden & Sara Had Sex In Whose Shower?

The Block newlyweds Hayden and Sara had their fair share of drama on the show, but enough of that, we thought we'd divulge a bit deeper and explore another aspect of the popular series...

"You've got cameras everywhere right, even in your bedroom. When do you get to do the sexy time?" Celeb HQ's JC Caldwell asked the polarising couple. 

Before you judge, admit it- you've wondered where the contestants of The Block go for some 'alone time'.

There's cameras literally everywhere - following their every move - and construction work galore, but surely there's a sneaky spot the couples go for some privacy? 

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So... did Hayden and Sara have the answer? Some may call it 'TMI' but Celeb HQ just asks the questions you're thinking!

"Oh well, it's not really in your own... oh well... no you do," Sara scrambled, before good ol' Hayden came to the rescue. 

"Didn't we use Hans and Courtney's shower once?" 

And, Sara's response? "Yeah, I think we did use Courtney and Hans' shower."

So, it's official! The Block isn't as innocent as we thought. 

Listen to the full chat below! 

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