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The Bachelor In 60 Seconds: Mean Girl Romy Goes On A Rampage


It was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose inside a house filled with a bunch of girls with completely different personalities all vying for the love and attention from the one guy, but tonight it all came to a head. And basically all we've learnt is do not mess with mean girl Romy. 

But let's start from the beginning shall we? Sophie, the chick that looks like Lara Bingle's long lost twin, scores the single date because Nick's worried that she's been a bit closed off ever since they did their super awks yoga photoshoot together in episode two. 

So what better way to help someone unwind than take them on a super romantic and low-key date where there's no pressure and they can talk and talk until the cows come home...

Oh wait, scratch that, Honey Bachie's got an adventurous date planned and Soph's nervy as heck about it. Yep okay, that's really going to help her open up darl. 

All romance was pretty much shoved out the window when Soph and Honey Bachie show up wearing full blown wetsuits and orange helmets, and hop on a super speedy catamaran thingo to go zooming across Sydney Harbour. 

They hang on for dear life to the side of the boat as it picks up speeds so high that it actually ends up levitating above the water, all the while the salty water whips at their face and most likely gets the snot a-runnin from their noses.


Does this remind anyone else about a little ol' skydiving date Laurina went on back on Blake's season? At least it doesn't end with a dirty stree pie, amiright Laurina? 


No, thankfully the flying catamaran date is followed  by a romantic wine on the couch and Soph and Honey Bachie really start to connect on a deeper level as they open up about their true feelings. So much so that the pair actually lock lips for a little bit before Soph snags herself a rose. 

Group date time, but it's one with a twist; the leading man himself, Honey Bachie, won't be coming. Instead he'll be sending in someone he trusts more than anyone in the world to put the girls to the test. The Honey Bachie fam! 

And can we just say that that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because the three people that show up, Nick's Dad, sister and brother, all seem like true blue larrikins and speak the same Aussie slang language as Nick does. 


When they step out of the car Cass is doing her usual thing and having heart palpitations. Turns out she's met Nick's brother before! Surprise, surprise! It's like night one all over again. Who HASN'T she met before going on this flipping show. 

So why is the fam here? They're going to meet all of the girls before choosing just one to have dinner with them and Honey Bachie. 

Of course with such a hot prize up for grabs it's no doubt that the claws will be coming out...but no one's sharpened their nails for this more than one of the mean girls Romy. 

All of the girls sit down for a one on one with Nick's sister Bernadette and basically Romy goes on and on telling her that Cass knew Nick before the show, that she's basically obsessed with him and isn't right for her.

Basically she says NOTHING about her own relationship with the Honey Bachie and uses all of her time to bag out Cass. 


And seriously how bloody dare she! It makes us feel like when someone says something bad about your sister...only you can call them crazy, no one else can!

But thankfully justice is served almost immediately. One of the girls who's names we barely remembered until now, Blair, just happened to be in a room nearby when Romy had her one on one chat with Bernadette and heard everything. She decides to be a good friend and tell Cass. 

Romy then catches wind of the fact that Blair tattled on her and you can practically see the steam shoot from her ears. Take cover ladies, world war 3 is about to go down. 


But before Romy can head off on the war path, we take a short break to calmer waters where Honey Bachie is waiting for his fam to arrive with the chosen girl. And thankfully it's Brooke! Honey Bachie seems very happy to see her and it's bloomin' adorable!

Honestly if these two don't get together at the end of this we will seriously start a riot because they are made for each other god dammit! 

Now back to the trenches, *cough*, we mean the bachelor mansion. The mean girls in the house, Romy, Cat from Bali and Alisha head inside with a full frontal attack to confront Blair. 

Blair said she couldn't help but overhear and thought it was only fair to tell Cass the truth. Romy tells Blair she has no class...Hmm pot calling the kettle black much? 

Poor, innocent Cass is stuck in the middle of it all like "guys pls can we just all be friends."


While Cat from Bali is just sitting there with a massive smirk on her face like she's enjoying every minute of it and just egging Romy on. 


Seriously if we wanted to watch Mean Girls we would have. But moving right along to the cocktail party. We're straight back to Cass having a freak out because she wants to chat with Honey Bachie...Let's just hope it's not from her diary this time. 

But of course we do understand her freak out this time, seeing as Romy has been talking smack about her to Honey Bachie's fam, so obviously she'd be wanted to clear the air. 

Finally she gets up the courage to pull Nick aside to get some answers from him. Does she stand a chance or doesn't she? And we can already tell this is going to be painful. 

Nick is honest with her and basically says he's not head over heels for Cass in the same sense that she is because he has to give the other girls a chance, and tbh she says it's all fine but you can tell she's crushed. 

Now, the ads all made it seem like Cass storms out of the mansion at this point but she doesn't, she stays strong and we feel really proud of her!


Rose ceremony time! Thankfully Cassie manages to get a rose this time but sadly Blair doesn't. And unfortunately the three bitch-eteers live to see another day in the house. 

Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins Quote of the night: 

Nick's dad: Cheers Big Ears

Nick's response: Same Goes Big Nose

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