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ROYAL FLUSH! The Harry & Meghan Toilet Seat Now Exists...!

Introducing the 'Royal Flush’ - commemorating Harry & Meghan’s 2018 visit Down Under! 

The media circus that has surrounded Harry & Meghan's visit to Australia has actually just been really bloody lovely.

The Duke & Duchess are both class acts, and have treated Australia with nothing but love and respect throughout their visit. Thousands upon thousands of Australians have reciprocated that love and respect, so much so that it's been heartwarming to see relations between Australia and Great Britain in such a healthy and wholesome state.

Haz & Megz have received countless thoughtful gifts everywhere they've visited in this fine nation of ours. However, we don't think we've really shown them our cheeky side just yet. 

Gifts so far have included: a toy Kangaroo, complete with joey, a pair of baby-sized ugg boots, Akubra hats, and a stuffed toy Koala. The one thing they all have in common? They're awfully, AWFULLY, predictable. 

Now, we don't know H & M personally. But nevertheless, we say this with the utmost confidence: they would LOVE a Royal Flush toilet seat. What better way to remember their time Down Under? 

Would you be interested in having a Royal Flush toilet seat installed in your house?

Well, LISTEN below as Will & Woody announce their idea to the nation, and gauge interest on whether or not they'll get them mass-produced. 

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