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This Kid's Epic Halloween Story Got Published As A Real Book

Will & Woody published 9 year old Flynn's Halloween story into an actual kids book! And it's AMAZING. 

It all started with a phone call, from 9 year old Flynn Warren, to Will & Woody's radio show. 

He wanted to tell the boys a story he’d written. Within minutes, Flynn had the boys in stitches. They were blown away by his creative writing talent. So much so, they decided chat to him every day and hear a new page from the book. And so on national radio, each day Flynn had the country hanging off every word, as he told the story of Frankenfart, as she battled the Bionic Barf Bunnies from Diarrhoea Land, and used her secret weapon: The Super Dust Fart.

Whilst this was happening on air, in the background, the Will & Woody team were working secretly with illustrator Kev Gahan of The Illustration Room, to bring the story to life. And so the Frankenfart illustrated kids book was born, and brought into a world of cosmic adventure and pure imagination.

On Halloween, Will & Woody showed up to Flynn's School in Bradbury NSW, completely unannounced. They walked into Flynn's classroom, and gave him the surprise of a lifetime. 

WATCH the video to see the heartwarming scenes that followed, but be sure to have the tissues at the ready!

Meet FRANKENFART... here to save to world from the rabbit zombie invasion. 


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