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Bye Bye Condoms, Male Contraception Is On Its Way...!

Male contraceptive pill, EP055, successfully limits sperm activity without side effects.

There’s a whole lot of science involved, test tubes, beakers, Bunsen Burners, the whole shebang. But when you put it in Lamen’s terms, when a man takes the EP055 pill, it turns off the sperm's ability to swim. How very clever. Genius, in fact. 

AND, here’s the real kicker, apparently there are ZERO side effects. This makes it far superior to the female pill, which as you women know, can wreak havoc with the hormones. 

Now, keep in mind, it’s only been tested on monkey’s at this stage. But, they have high hopes for humans! Wouldn’t it be great, no condoms, no females pills, and no vasectomies. Just safe, pleasurable sex for all. Utopia, or heaven on earth, you could say. 

BUT, the burning question is, are men trustworthy enough to take their pill everyday? Would you rely on your boyfriend to take it unfailingly? And would you trust a guy on a one night stand when he tells you he is on the pill?

Well, Will & Woody set out about answering these questions, by asking the women of Australia. They also had a hilarious conversation about sperm, and what they think actually happens inside the testicles.

WATCH and see!


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