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Why The Labor Government Won’t Get Rid Of The Tampon Tax

On last night's show, The Thinkergirls spoke to Barrie Cassidy about the tampon tax that is currently placed on sanitary items.

“It’s outrageous!” Barrie said, “Some items are exempt from GST and tampons are not. Things like condoms and sunscreen… sunscreen is exempt as a sort of health product but tampons are not.”

The topic has been re-examined because of a bill that was recently presented to the House. A bill which asked for a GST to be put onto things that you buy online for $1000 or less, included tampons and pads.

The Government believed that it should be up to the States to decide if it should be dropped or not, however, Barrie said this was “political babble”.

“I don’t know why the major parties don’t make this happen – well besides the revenue, of course,” he said.

Stacey questioned whether this was something that the Government have wanted to action, but may have neglected to do so. Barrie agreed, and reiterated the point that it came down to revenue and a $43 Billion dollar industry.

“I’m really over this,” Stacey said. “There have been a few things that reside close to me with the Labor Party, where they’ve said ‘we stand here’ but act very differently when it comes to decision time. It’s starting to piss me off.”

“You’re not alone!” Barrie said.

The Greens went into to bat for women all over Australia and tried to fight the issue, however the Labor Government opposed them, and maintained that tampons are a luxury item.

“I can confirm, that having your period is no luxury!” Kristie said.

“I can’t understand why women aren’t furious about this,” Barrie said.

Click the link to hear the full chat below!

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