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The 3 Places Aussies Are Having Sex at The Races

Cleaners have found tonnes of knickers and jocks after the Melbourne cup, and this happens every year.

It obviously means that a lot of people are getting it on, and The Thinkergirls asked their listeners if they've ever done it, and where it's happening.

The Disabled Toilets


Laura planned to meet up with a guy at the races, They sat and drank in one of the marquees for 2 hours and eventually went for a walk. When he opened the door to the disabled toilet, she knew exactly what was about to happen.

Behind the Marquees


Katie's friend saw a gorgeous guy at the races, told her to hold her bag and ran off, only to come back half an hour later. She later found out that they found a spot behind the marquees and did it there.

The Portaloos


Alice met a guy today at the races in Randwick and snuck off to the Portaloo's to do it..

Hear all the calls here:

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