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Why Stacey Is Furious With The Young Women Of Australia

It was an international phenomenon. Women around the world came together to send a strong message to Trump: We won't be silenced.

Hundreds of thousands of women descended on landmarks in the US and UK. But in Australia the attendance paled in comparison. 

Speaking on The Thinkergirls tonight, Stacey said she was frustrated more young Australian women didn't show their support. 

The problem, she says is two fold. Firstly, who is spreading the word that these rallies are on? 

"I didn't know it was happening," she says.

"I looked at my Instagram on Saturday and was shocked."


But secondly, Stacey says we shouldn't rest on the laurels of the women who fought before us, because the reality there's still a battle to be won.

"So many girls won't call themselves feminists," said Stacey.  

"The average full time wage for a woman is almost 20% less than a man," she said. 

"The average superannuation payouts for women is just over half of those for men."

"One-in-three women have experienced physical violence."

"There's still a battle to be won," she said.


We're with you Stace!

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