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I’m An Adult, My Parents Are Divorcing And It Still Sucks

It was a roller coaster of a summer break for Thinkergirls host Kristie Mercer, who revealed last night that her parents were in the process of divorcing.

"Towards the end of last year there might have been a few times... you might have heard me say 'Oh there's a lot going on,'" she explained on-air during Monday's show.

"My Christmas was a bit weird this year. It didn't feel normal to me - and that's because my parents are getting a divorce."

Kristie continued: "Even though I am an adult - hashtag adult - it is still very upsetting. There's part of me that feels like I shouldn't be as upset as I am... I go, 'Pull it together, you're a fully grown woman.'"

And that means that Kristie feels like she's been putting on a brave face.

"I've got to use the line 'Oh it's for the best', or 'It's all fine', you know, 'This is the way things should be', which, of course I do believe," she said. "I want my parents to be happy, regardless of what that looks like.

"But if I'm honest, I haven't really been as open with how sad I've been about it, really, because I think, this is something that eight-year-olds go through every day."

You can check out the Kristie's full chat about dealing with divorce as an adult in the video above.

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