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Usain Bolt's Cousin Erica Speaks Out Over THOSE Photos!

Following pictures being leaked of Olympic champion Usain Bolt being leaked out over the last couple of days, with him grinding on a woman and even being in bed with one, this morning Matt & Meshel called his cousin Erica to get the inside word.

Erica is a DJ who travels the word spinning the decks and, although she is great, at her job, she says Bolt needs ‘practice’ on the mixing decks.

Melbourne based Erica has just got back from Rio said that going out with Usain while the games were on was ‘’pretty crazy. He does love to party, and it’s really fantastic.’’

Although partying does take place during the games, Bolt himself does not drink until ‘competition is over’ and they will drink his favourite drink ‘’a golden tequila’ which sounds perfect for the triple-triple champion.

When Matt & Meshel asked about the pictures and videos being released, Erica said that Bolt has now returned home and ‘’he will be explaining all that to his girlfriend.’’

‘’His relationship with his girlfriend is low key. It’s like being in a relationship with a royal family member, as soon as people find out, you are in the public space.’’

And, of course, we couldn’t leave the Chadstone stone unturned, Usain has visited the fashion capital, but it was to visit the Puma store, as he is their brand ambassador.

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