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Troye Sivan (And Mum) Join Matt & Meshel

Moments before Matt & Meshel interviewed superstar Troye Sivan, they were told that he was a bit of a 'slut' by someone in our office.

Not ones to beat around the bush they went straight into talking to Troy about whether his love life was full on or relaxed since fame took over his life.

Well, being the smart cookie that he is, Troy knew exactly where Matt & Meshel had heard the information from...

KIIS's very own Kyle Sandilands.

During a recent press run in Sydney, Troy was sick of getting ask the same questions, so when asked about his love life, he chose to start by saying he slept around.

As he went through the day, he became more and more involved in a relationship before saying, in his final interview, that he was fully committed.

You can watch Troye's full chat with Matt & Meshel below.

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