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This Is How Much You Get Paid To Be On MAFS

It’s the show that promises love… and makes you take a stack of time off work.

But it’s not really worth the money by the looks of things.

Last years villain on the show Jono Pitman told Matt & Meshel this morning that he was paid just $150 a week to ‘wed’ Clare Verrall.

Jono, who is now known to be dating 2017 contestant Michelle Marsh, told us that due to the wage, the contestants were allowed to carry on with their normal lives.

'We were able to continue with our normal lives at the same time, so we were able to go to work,' he said.

'We only had to take about a week off of annual leave for the honeymoon.

He carried on to say ‘Ours was a whole different aspect to this year - this year they had to take eight weeks off work.'

Another reality star that spoke to us was Michael ‘John’ Bric who believes he came out of the show on top financially.

A the time, John was 20-years-old and had a chance to win a $1 million cheque.

While he was on the show, John was paid $500 a week 'which was at the time more than I was getting paid as a student working casually,’ he said.

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