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Exactly How Chris Hemsworth Goes From Himself To Thor

Chris Hemsworth has one of the best bodies in the world, and now we know exactly how he becomes Thor.

Luke Zocchi joined Matt & Meshel this morning to discuss his routine for the superstar and said ‘“We probably start about three months before shooting. So that’s when we do our hard work. So basically, when we’re shooting, it’s just about maintaining it.’’

Zocchi went onto say that Hemsworth trains once or twice a day and their way of training is ‘old school’ and they never train for more ‘than an hour at a time.’

Regarding bulking, it is important that Hemsworth consumes up to 3,500 calories a day that consists of ‘ six meals a day of just clean proteins and vegetables. And he does still have a little bit of chocolate here and there; I won’t lie.’

Well, there we go, we can live like Thor now.. kind of.

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