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TEN Things Our 'What's That Noise' Noise IS NOT

It's the contest that has got Melbourne talking and it's worth a whopping $50,000 if you can guess it correctly.

Apart from tomorrow, Monday 13th February, when we are DOUBLING the cash to $100,000!

To help you get a little closer, here are TEN things, the noise is not!

1. A guillotine cutting
2.Spraying deodorant
3.Matt and Meshel moving their mic
4.Sharpening a knife
5. Ballpoint pen on paper
6. Rotating the toilet paper roll
7. Taking a bite of an apple
8. Taking a lid off a coffee cup
9. Puc going into a goal on air hockey table
10. Oil spray spraying egg rings

Remember the clues;

Something we do EVERY single day.

We play again with Matt & Meshel at 7:10 and 8:10 AM and across the day.

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