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The No Sob Stories Ten Grand Jury : Register NOW!

Matt & Meshel's Ten Grand Jury is back.

So far we’ve had one hung jury – that saw the $10k go to a listener on the phones.

We had two winners that played their way to the $10k.

And across the weeks we’ve heard some of the saddest stories in Melbourne.

The jury is back.... And this time..... It's game on.

We don't want your tears, we don't want your sob stories – we want to know what fun stuff you want … and don’t need.

Is it some cosmetic surgery?

To pay rent for you and your housemates for half the year?

Have an in-house chef for 3 months, because you can’t be bothered cooking anymore?

Whatever it is, If you think you’ve got a story that stands and makes us cry tears of laughter not sadness, we want you.

If you have a reason for the money that will shock us, we want you.

All you gotta play your way to the $10k.

Meanwhile live it up in a hotel for the week, on us!

Matt & Meshel's Ten Grand Jury.

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