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Most Awkward Thing Happens When You Audition For Bachelor

This morning on Matt & Meshel we heard from potential Bachelorette’s who had auditioned to be on the show.

One auditionee told us “It’s a group audition with 10 people and they start with getting everyone in a circle and you have to talk about yourself to everyone and why you’re there,”

“And then they pick one girl and they have to come into the middle of the group and you have to give them a compliment, not knowing them at all. After that they played three different songs and you had to stand up and dance to the song that you identified with.”

The woman went onto say that she didn’t identify with any of the songs but felt pressured to get up and dance to Christina Aguilera’s Dirty.

“There are four producers taking notes and looking at you,” she explained about the awkward dance session.

However, it got much worse and contestants were asked to ‘pretend you were getting out of the limo and one of the producers pretended to be the Bachelor,”.

Another listener called us to tell us that she had to have a medical and a psych test, with the medical including an STI check.

The Bachelor continues tonight at 7:30PM on Ten.

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