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The Moment Tim And His Father Were Reunited.

This week saw Matt & Meshel's Private Investigator put to work for a young man named Tim.

Tim contacted Matt & Meshel after his girlfriend told him that this was his opportunity to get over the pain of his past.

The reason why Tim followed up on this was that he had ''grown up without a father, which was honestly pretty hard to deal with. He left when I was about five years old.''

He had continually struggled to get to grips with not having a father, especially when he was younger at school as he never had a Dad to meet his mates.

Over the last few days, our Private Investigator has told Tim that his father had fallen on hard times after losing contact with family and had ended up homeless after leaving his job as a baker.

However, in the last ten years, he had managed to turn his life around and now spends his time helping out the homeless people of Melbourne get to the same stage in life like him.

This morning, Tim was given a message by our Private Investigator, which showed him physically shaking in the excitement that his son had been back in touch after all these years. Tim was surprised and in shock that this much information had been given to him in such a short amount of time.

And that was just the start.

We managed to reunite Tim, and his father live on air.

This is something no words can describe. So have a listen

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