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The KIIS Gotcha Call That Made Melbourne Fall In Love

Every Monday and Wednesday on Matt & Meshel in the morning, Matt Tilley calls an unsuspecting friend of a listener and tries to trick them into a KIIS Gotcha call.

This week, it was Noreen's turn. 

Noreen had recently lost her false teeth down the toilet and Matt decided to ring up as Maureen, who has found the teeth in the sewerage system.

This is the call in full.

There were some elements of the call that were missing.

During the course of the conversation, Noreen opened up and told Matt that she was terminally ill and had been vomiting all day before her teeth fell into the toilet.

Noreen then had to spend almost $3,000 on a replacement set of teeth immediately, which is not a small amount of money for somebody who is already undergoing treatment.

Matt & Meshel decided to give Noreen a callback and make sure everything was OK and Melbourne, you have to be thanked for this gesture too.

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