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Meshel Laurie Says Eddie McGuire Should NOT Broadcast

Meshel Laurie has called for Eddie McGuire to stop broadcasting following his comments that one of the most senior football writers in Australia should be drowned in an ice pool.

The remarks were made live on Melbourne's Triple M last week and were centered on Caroline Wilson.

McGuire suggested that she should be dunked in the ice pool and that he would pay $50,000 for her to ''stay under''. Others then joined in to back up McGuire.

The AFL has asked for an apology from McGuire but it is yet to arrive.

On KIIS 101.1's Matt & Meshel this morning, Meshel Laurie said ''I am saying, absolutely fundamentally that he should be not be allowed to be broadcast.''

''This is a man who cannot speak without spreading hate and now encouraging violence against woman. He should not be allowed to broadcast, it is that simple.''

Meshel says that she simply draws ''the line at making fun of drowning a woman''.

Meshel went on to make the point that as a broadcaster she is regularly made to sit in code of conduct compliance training and is made to sign a document that she knows the code. McGuire would be in a similar situation and she sees it as ''breach of code''

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