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Matt & Meshel's Ten Grand Jury : Your No Sob Stories Jurors!

Would you beg or lie your way to $10K?

Matt & Meshel are giving you a one in five chance of winning $10,000!

You’re not going to find better odds than that any time soon.

There’s just two catches.

You have to convince the other four members of Matt & Meshel’s Ten Grand Jury that you, and you alone, deserve the cash.

And this time, there is NO SOB STORIES!

We’re going to lock five jurors away each day, let them debate it out, plead their cases, to reach a unanimous decision on who should walk away with the cash.

Click the photo to meet each of our jurors.




Who do you think will win $10,000?

Our jurors will deliberate for one hour a day before being locked away for 23 hours at The Langham.

Treat yourself and the kids to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle High Tea at The Langham Melbourne, tickets available now!


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