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Matt & Meshel's Ten Grand Jury FIRES UP As Jess WALKS Out!

If you are not familiar with Matt & Meshel's Ten Grand Jury, it's a pretty simple idea. 

Six people sit in a room for four hours over four days and they must come to a decision as to which one of them will win $10,000.

This round has seen Jess Tichonczuk from My Kitchen Rules join the jury as a member and she wanted to rebrand herself after being perceived as a ''villain'' on the show.

There is one slight problem. Jess has controlled the Jury like nobody has ever seen and this morning when probed about her business Lifestyle By Jessica, she stood up and said ''What am I even doing here, does anyone want to the Ten Grand.

She continued on to say ''I am not being aggressive'' before storming out of the room.

When Matt & Meshel probed her on KIIS 101.1 she said that the other jurors were saying she is only here to boost her career and that made her angry.

She told the hosts ''What career? I don't have a career''.

Meshel asked Jess what the message the jurors are missing she said ''I need the Ten Grand to curb Australia's negative attitude towards eating''.

Jess has made a conscious effort all week to ensure people know the money is not for herself but her strategy has come unstuck with the other jurors who desperately want the money for their own personal issues.

When she went back into the room, Jess got a very frosty reception from the other jurors who said she was playing the game and that's the reason she walked out.

The jurors must decide by tomorrow morning who will win $10,000 or the phone lines will open and the first caller will win the money.

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