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Matt & Meshels Private Investigator : Meet Tim.

Today saw Matt & Meshel's Private Investigator put to work for a young man named Tim.

Tim contacted Matt & Meshel after his girlfriend told him that this was his opportunity to get over the pain of his past..

The reason why Tim followed up on this was that he had ''grown up without a father, which was honestly pretty hard to deal with. He left when I was about five years old.''

He had continually struggled to get to grips with not having a father, especially when he was younger at school as he never had a Dad to meet his mates.

When Meshel presumed that Tim would not blame his mother for the situation he said he 'does hold a little bit of a grudge against my Mum as whenever I try to bring it up, there is no information as she just begins to cry.  My brother and I  can't get any information as nobody will talk about it.''

Everybody within Tim's family has said that his father is a ''bad man'' but that has not stopped them trying to get a Private Investigator before, with the boys trying three to four years ago.

Tim truly believes there are two sides to every story and just wants to see if his father has changed and would like contact at all.

Only one piece of evidence of Tim's father exists in his life, his birth certificate. Every single photo has been thrown away.

Matt & Meshel's Private Investigator has taken on Tim's case and will now begin trying to find out more information about Tim's father. 

Over the next four days, we will hopefully know what has happened to Tim's dad and provide Tim with all the information he needs.

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