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Matt & Meshel's Cost Of Love: How Many Partners Tyson's Had!

Matt & Meshel's Cost of Love is the ultimate relationship test.

Simply, a couple must answer three questions exactly the same as each other to walk away with $1,000.

Today, we had Tyson and his partner Mark dropped by to answer question and boy oh boy did we get the shock of our lives.

The first question Meshel asked Tyson was ''who has had the most partners?'' and without even flinching Tyson responded with 'me''.

When Matt probed further, we found out that Tyson had, had 195 partners, and he is only 22!

That's 195. Not 95.

When we brought Mark into the studio and asked him the same question, he knew. He knew everything and wasn't even slightly surprised!

The guys went home with $1,000 and have entered our hall of fame.

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