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MAFS Cheryl Reveals What Has Happened To Andrew Post-Show

Cheryl Maitland from Married, At First Sight, joined Matt & Meshel this morning to discuss everything that has happened on the show, and it seems she is very angry.

When talking about Andrew following Sunday’s harsh comments about her, she said Meshel could not describe Andrew as a ‘man’ following his disparaging comments.

On Sunday’s show, Andrew said that he would rather be with his runaway bride Lauren than Cheryl as she couldn’t even ‘hold a conversation’.

We got into depth with Cheryl all about the incident and asked why she stayed on the show even after she had an inkling it had all kicked off, she said that, obviously, she was not at ‘boys night’ so wanted ‘to wait until the dinner party to find out exactly what had happened and make sense of it all.’

When she got there, she was apparently left disappointed but wanted to remain on the show again to see if ‘it could work out after everything.’

However, with nobody able to get hold of Andrew since Sunday, it appears he has gone into hiding, with Cheryl saying she would ‘do the same if I was him’’ but she drew the line at completely getting angry him saying ‘he should have thought about what he said’.

We will see how the couple get along at this weeks commitment ceremony on Sunday night’s episode on Nine at 7PM.

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