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Man Says We Should Drink Our Own Urine Each Day

I'm sure most people would agree with me when I say that our urine is something that should be disposed of once we expel it from our bodies...

Enter Richard Iredale, a Melbourne based Urine Therapist...imagine having THAT title on your LinkedIn profile...who believes that we should actually be consuming one glass of our own urine every day!

And so this morning when Richard came on the show with Matt & Meshel they had just one important question to ask him...

WHY?! Why on earth should we be consuming our own wee?!

Well apparently it's not actually as toxic, dirty or wasteful as we all thought.

"If you actually look at what is in urine 95 per-cent of it is water, two and a half per-cent is urea...and the other two and a half per-cent is basically protein, carbohydrates, hormones, enzymes, all of the products that your body utilises when it actually heals," Mr Iredale said.

And well, Mr Iredale is so committed that he's been drinking a glass of his own urine every single day for TWO WHOLE DECADES!!...That's a lot of pee...

And fun fact, apparently Madonna, Ke$ha and Bear Grylls (okay that one might be a bit obvious) have been known to take a sip every now and then!

Although we did get Richard to admit that it isn't the best tasting drink he's ever had...I mean we could've told him that without drinking it but still...

"It's not that I actually enjoy it, or think that it's beautiful in taste, it is for a purpose," he said.

So are you game enough to jump on the urine bandwagon? Listen to the rest of the interview with Richard Iredale in the podcast below for all deets on urine therapy.

You can also catch Richard in a new Aussie documentary, 'Urine Aid'. It's premiering at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival this Monday. Tickets are on sale at

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