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Patrick Dangerfield Welcomes First Child

Matt & Meshel’s football pundit and Geelong superstar Patrick Dangerfield has announce he and his wife Mardi have welcomed a seven-pound son named George.
The star Cat formally announced his and wife Mardi’s first baby on his new fishing podcast, Reel Adventures.

Wife Mardi is said to be a ‘very, very healthy’ and Patty says “We had a wonderful night. He weighs in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces,”

“John boy (Patrick’s Dad) has been uncontrollable.’’“I will take you inside the birthing suite. We went in Monday night at about 5.30pm because Mards was going to be induced and then the next morning at about 4.30am Mardi went into the birthing suite and went into labour and about 12 hours later little George was born.

“That all went pretty quickly, maybe not for Mards but for me.

“Mards was lying down; the nurses are telling her to push… all of a sudden the head came out and the baby is born and Michael Shembrey (the obstetrician) was very quick to put the baby onto Mardi, skin to skin and I won’t lie to you and I’ve said all along that the sex doesn’t matter but when I saw that little willy I couldn’t have been happier.

“In all seriousness it was a wonderful, wonderful night.

“Mum’s healthy. Georgie boy is healthy.

“I’ve got the fisherman and it was a great night.”

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