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Josh & Elyse Reveal What Ronnie & Georgia Are REALLY Like

Anyone who's been watching the latest season of 'The Block' would know that this time around it's not all about the renovations.

In fact, a lot of what's been making the headlines has more to do with the relationships between the contestants, because they've been VERY interesting to say the least...

And fair enough, it would be very difficult to live in close confinement with people you barely know for weeks on end. But either way, we're not complaining because all of the arguments have made for some GREAT TV.

Of course, since each of the little squabbles have gone to air, some of the couples have come forward claiming that they've been portrayed badly on the show and it all comes down to the way it has been edited.

One couple in particular who claim they're not really the show's villains (something they have become quite popularly known as)  are Ronnie and Georgia.

The controversial Perth couple that got everyone's attention when they claimed that they were there to win and not to make friends...yeah not villain like at all.

This morning, Matt and Meshel spoke to a couple that have been given a much better wrap on the show, Josh and Elyse, to see if the Ronnie and Georgia that we see on TV is the REAL Ronnie and Georgia...

At first, the couple laughed awkwardly and tried to avoid the question. But eventually Josh said,

"There's probably a reason why four couples don't get along with one. We'll leave it at that."

And while he doesn't confirm EXPLICITLY that they are the show's resident villains, we can definitely read inbetween the lines with his reply.

All we'll say is that it doesn't look like Ronnie and Georgia will be keeping in touch with the rest of the couples.

Listen to the whole interview with Josh and Elyse below.

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