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Ed Sheeran Has Revealed The One Thing That He Is Scared Of!

This morning, Ed Sheeran joined Matt & Meshel on KIIS 101.1 for breakfast.

With Ed returning to social media for the first time in nearly a year, he discussed a range of topics from social media stress to vomiting, but nothing touched us more than when he was asked what is worrying him.

Ed, who is currently promoting his new album and two new songs, said that of all the things in the world there is one thing people at his age should be worried about.

He said that he is ‘worried about my parent's health, like any kid my age.’

The funniest thing is, to counteract their health, he said that he had purchased a ‘cross trainer to make sure they last.’

But there is something more to him working, other than the love, of course; it’s that he wants his parents to be able to ‘hang out with his grandchildren for years to come.’’

While we aren’t going to speculate to accumulate.. we hope those kids are close because that would be AWESOME!

Ed Sheeran's album Divide is out in March.

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