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Dr Michael Mosley Reveals Which Takeaway Food is The WORST

sThis morning Matt & Meshel chatted to Michael Mosley, the man behind the books

When Meshel asked Michael if she had given up sugar, as she was tempted by bread and takeaway food, he said ‘’if you are still eating bread or having those takeaway foods, it’s likely you are still consuming a lot of sugar.’

The biggest culprit of having sugar inside it that you would not expect? Thai food!

Coffee is also a big culprit, with a latte containing more sugar than an espresso with a one sugar inside it. With foods containing less fat, it mainly means that they contain more sugar to supplement the taste.

Mosley has released books to help people who want to lose weight fast. His diet is called the Blood Sugar Diet, and most people are capable of losing 15kg in 8 weeks just by following his diet, strictly but you would need to exercise as well.

Mosley says this is not a fad diet; he recommends that people adapt their lifestyle and take on more ‘protein’ during the weight loss, as otherwise, the weight will not stay off.

Michael Mosley's books are available on his website, click on the picture below to head there!

You can hear Matt & Meshel’s full interview below.

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